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Server Rules

Postby jaxjaxk » Wed Sep 07, 2016 5:39 pm

1) No racism or sexism. Goes for songs in the jukebox as well.
2) No excess profanity or spam. Staff members are allowed to make you shut up to make you stop.
3) NO spawn camping the player spawn.
4) Follow all mod or admin orders. If the order is unreasonable you can report them.
5) Griefers, Trolls, Douchebags, etc. are at the mercy of the staff members. Pissing off the staff IS NOT ALLOWED and punishment such as gag, mute, kick will be enacted on you. If it is excessive, you may even be banned.
Following these rules will make your gameplay experience better and staff members won't have to punish you for breaking any of these rules.

Just to be clear on a few important things about this server.
1) This is not nazi zombies. you may have noticed some rules are not there.
2) You ARE permitted to be in any area INSIDE the map where zombies can not get to you. (unlike nazi zombies where zombies had to be able to get you)
3) PVP is permitted for ANY reason or no reason at all.
Please Don't be an asshole to me, cause then i have to be an asshole to you and I'm way better at being an asshole than you are.

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