New donor guide *required reading*

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New donor guide *required reading*

Postby jaxjaxk » Sun Sep 04, 2016 2:51 am

welcome and thank you for your donation!

I am not kidding when i say if it was not for donators we would not have fantastic servers and a well crafted site. that being said as someone who is helping fund this community we believe that you deserve top quality service.
what this means is naturally you have a bit more leverage when it comes to server changes and recommendations. The staff will also likely be a bit more tolerable of your actions such as rule breaking or exploiting.

Now while the staff may be more tolerable of rule breaking or exploiting we expect you to know the rules and follow them better than regular users. we hold the right to revoke your status of VIP however that will almost never be necessary unless you commit any of the following acts that are listed but not limited to
1) attack the server (felony/misdemeanor)
2) true threats made towards any other player ( non-protected speech)
3) use 3rd party means to give yourself an advantage over other players ( cheating)
4) attempt to breach or bypass the anti-cheat ,server security or any systems put in place by AMT.

We truly wish to keep our donators happy, naturally that is why we made donation packages last forever. Because we love our donators so much we give them access to many commands that other servers might not give donators.
understand that ALL commands are logged even if you do not see a message when you use them. abuse reports are taken very seriously as we value all players, should the evidence be damning you will have a chance to explain yourself. Should you be found guilty of abusing commands further investigations will be made in depth of the server logs. with adequate amount of abuse you may face actions listed but not limited to
1) restriction of commands ( most likely)
2) 1D - 1M ban from the server
3) moved to a more restricted donor rank where your actions are even more logged
we hope you use user powers to keep the server fun. If you ever wonder if an action would be abuse, do not do it. there is no punishment for not acting.

so let's go over the commands and see what is and is not abuse! some commands are not listed. use your brain for them.

notifications --- this is an easy way to get someones attention. using this for anything other than official business is abuse.
gag --- if a player is being racist/sexist or really damn annoying you can use this command. all players are capable of local gagging players so you should almost never use this. this IS abuse unless they are being racist/sexist or 70% of the server is begging for you to gag them. when in doubt use !votegag as that is never abuse
mute --- same as gag. it is better to use !votemute. for the most part adminAI takes care of chat. so most of the time using this would be abuse
slap --- this command should only be used if you need to get a players attention. IE they are not listening to your verbal warnings or not reading your chat warning message to them. abuse would be randomly slapping players, especially with damage.
whip --- this command is used when a player is exploiting an NO OTHER TIME. it is a nice way to get them off exploit areas without teleporting them off or slaying them.
auto-fix --- Light auto-fix is the ONLY command that when used is never abuse except when you spam it. all other options are abuse unless the server is broken to some extent that light does not fix it and the problem compromises game play.
redeem --- This command is always abuse with exception that a player died instantly when they spawned in or for some reason you slayed the wrong person. other than that is is always ABUSE.
removezombies --- notice that this never kill the zombies it just respawns them. because of this it is abuse if used unless the zombie is stuck or you can not find it for several minutes.
restartmap --- only to be used when the map breaks and the autofix does not solve the problem as well as gameplay is compromised. we recommend that you start a vote instead to change maps.
bring --- while players may fall off the map you are permitted to save some of them if you have a kind heart. abuse would be bringing players for no reason.
goto --- sometimes you need to see if a player is breaking the rules or maybe they need you to see something. that would not be abuse. that being said using it because you fell of the map would be abuse.
warp --- ok so warps are set up by admins and superadmin. we might as you to use them for several reasons. in the end this is always abuse unless an admin or above approves.
ban --- do i seriously need to talk about abuse here? apparently so. here is the deal, our servers use a global ban system so bans from us notify other servers of bans and likewise. bans are serious, donors are not permitted to ban over 1 hour and moderators are not permitted to ban over 1 day. you are however permitted to start a vote ban that can be up to 7 days. for any offenses outside of that talk to an admin or above for serious bans. we ask that you have evidence to back up the reason for the ban as having no reason is abuse on your part. should the user challenge the ban and you have no proof it IS abuse on your part.
dban --- don't you hate it when people run form the server before you can ban them? well ya here you go, it lists all disconected playes and righ clicking lets you ban them. abuse is the same as with ban.
kick --- you are permitted to kick users that do not follow the rules. that being said you must warn them first IN CHAT and verbal if necessary. we can prove you warned them in chat but not verbally so both is best.
forcespawn --- sometimes players do not spawn in right and redeeming just does not cut it. so use this, it might help. other than that everything else is abuse.
watch --- watch list is simple. you are told when a player on the list joined and you can know what they have done.
watchlist --- this pulls up the GUI for watch. it lists all the players that are on the "naughty" list. donors can not use !unwatch for a reason so be careful. for donors you have to ask an admin to remove someone from the list.
voteban --- naturally false votes are abuse.
vote --- spamming this is abuse. seriously, don't do this every 10 min, that is wrong. please only use it for real things too.
votegag --- just like voteban false votes are abuse.
votekick --- just like voteban false votes are abuse.
votemute --- just like voteban false votes are abuse.
votemap2 --- here is the thing about this command. it only takes 20% for you to be able to switch the map. the thing is this is NOT to be used unless two things are true. 1) the map is broken in some way and other commands to fix it are not working. 2) people are not using RTV enough to change the map. BOTH must be true, abuse would be using it because you are bored or do not like the current map. honestly i really should not give you this power but i know some maps break. on a side note maps like nuketown do not work. so please stick to maps you KNOW work or the server will crash or worse.
administrate --- this command is powerful and right now is only for mods or above. look I'm not going to lie, this is almost always abuse. just do not use it as it uses noclip, god, and cloak all at the same time so.... ya.

The next part is the rule of thumb when deciding whether to take actions or not. NZ listed, if other servers are added we will update the list. kicking a user does not require proof however banning for more than 1 hour does. you are not expected to submit the proof unless requested by an admin. without proof the user can walk free and you face an abuse report. in general please warn before you take actions.
1) No racism or sexism. Goes for songs in the jukebox as well. ----- players that are being racist or sexist should be gagged/muted. should they continue you have permission to kick them, if for some reason they are not getting the message ban them for no longer than 24 hours. if perma gagging is needed contact an admin. for the most part adminAI will take care of text based racism and profanity however some things might slip through. punish accordingly if needed and notify jaxjaxk for missed words or terms.
2) No exploiting the map in any way. ----- admin AI will warn you if a player is exploiting. right now it will handle punishments. that being said ti was designed to not have false positives so while everyone caught is guilty not every guilty player is caught. the best response is to give them a verbal and chat warning before whipping them. If they continue to exploit you may slay them. anything beyond that you should ask an admin/mod for help.
3) No excessive profanity or spam. ---- in general this is to prevent players form being "that" annoying person. typically if they are annoying you can local mute however if the whole server is annoyed you can gag/mute them. this is an extension of rule #1 to some degree. for cases like this we have a votemute ulx command under vote. for the most part adminAI will take care of text based racism and profanity however some things might slip through. punish accordingly if needed and notify jaxjaxk for missed words or terms.
4) No intentional actions that directly or indirectly screw up the fun for everyone else or people. ----- from time to time we find people on our servers who just want to watch people get upset. you are permitted to warn then slay HOWEVER understand that you must be 100% sure that they are a real troll.
5) Follow all mod or admin orders. ----- notice how donors is not listed. people are not obligated to follow your orders however you are permitted to act as clearly stated both above and below. translation if they do not listen to you then that is not against rule 5
6) Griefers, Trolls, Douchebags, etc. are at the mercy of the staff members. ----- you are donors, not staff. if someone is violating rule 4,5 or 6 you can use the !request command to request an admin ( no guarantee we will see it). if you do not get a response for 5 min you may act as you see fit. remember, punishing someone who is not breaking the rules is abuse!

donors are never required to take action! when in doubt do not use the command.
admin wars that are not private are never permitted
Should you desire to apply for moderator or admin your user group "donor" will be lost and you will be placed into the moderator or admin group. This does NOT change the features or perks donors get. as a donor you are not required at any time to punish users for rule breaking. We would love it if you did but we do not require it. If you do get moderator or admin rank that changes as you will be moderate users as well as deliver punishment. If you are demoted from admin then you will simply get your donor group back.

TL;DR - have fun and follow the rules.
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Re: New donor guide *required reading*

Postby HotDamn » Tue Sep 20, 2016 8:35 pm

I understand these rules fully.
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Re: New donor guide *required reading*

Postby Daisy221 » Tue May 09, 2017 7:08 am

Yeah ! I also fully understand the all rules .
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